Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mary Kay Sample Review

When I was on vacation I was shopping at my favorite mall Georgia Perimeter or maybe that's the schools name in the area I don't know, anyways I'm just looking around in love culture for a white dress and this lady was just staring at me and my makeup looked nice that day so I thought that's why she was staring at me. ANYWAYS she was a Mary Kay lady consultant or whatever you want to call them and she tried to get me on her "team". Once I thought about it I live in North Carolina and it would be pointless, PLUS I don't want to work for anyone else working for one person is enough. Anyways she sent some products and I am just now trying them I got them back in September and I tried the timewise microdermabrasion. I am very picky when it comes to trying new products especially if I am using it on my face. I am so use to using neutregno products because that's what finally worked for me after trying countless products like, St. Ives and neuxemo that worked temporary and caused me to breakout eventually. Back to the Mary Kay product..... 

There are two steps that come with this.
Step one is 'refine': 
  • You must apply it to your wet face ( I washed my face with my neutrgeno facial soap) this is a grainy feeling product it's a little rough against my skin when you are rubbing it on please don't apply pressure it could cause irritation to your skin it all depends on your skin type too.
  • Then rinse throughly with warm water. Before you apply step 2 be sure to rub your face to make sure all of the 'refine' is gone. The second time I used it I didn't rinse throughly.

       Step 2:  Replenish
  • Pat your face dry then apply the replenish. I am assuming this is a moisturizer.

After using this I didn't break out but I did notice something, my skin is so much smoother I haven't used it in a couple of days and I can still feel the difference between how my skin felt before I tried this product. Usually when I take off my makeup I use my makeup wipes and my face is so dried out by it. After using microdermabrasion my face is not dried out after I take off my makeup. If you have sensitive or dry skin I highly suggest that you buy this product and try it out! I am defiently buying this product for myself but I'm still not interested in selling the products I'll just buy them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 Christmas list

 Hi beauties! can you believe Christmas is just next month, time is flying so I couldn't wait any longer to do a Christmas wish list. There are so many things that I want but I'm in the middle of trying to remodel my room so with that and buying Christmas gifts for others I can't have my weekly visit to target for makeup or hair products :( Anyways here are a few things  I REALLY want and I just HAVE to have in my life as a fashionista. This post is for relatives that don't know what to buy me or for people in general that don't know what to buy their love one that is addicted to looking good. I hope this post can help many people with their Christmas shopping.
Happy Holidays beauties

Something I really need is a new laptop I have had this one for four years now and it has had some hard falls it recently fell on the bathroom floor in the library so something I want the most is a laptop!

size 9.5-10
Lately all I have really been wanting are shoes and surprisingly PANTS! Yes I said pants. I am all about a deal and saving money so besides Aldo being my favorite shoe store I have fell in love with Charlotte Russe because they are ALWAYS having some type of sale and they always have their buy one pair of shoes get one $15 so this year instead of putting shoes on my wish list from Aldo and Shoe Dazzle 
I am soooo in love with riding boots and I have been since Kourtney Kardashian stepped out with her Chanel riding boots about two years ago.

Charlotte Russe 42.50
Charlotte Russe 48.50

I carry my WHOLE life with me so therefore I need a BIG bag to hold all of my belongings and for days when I know I don't have one of my classes I like to use my purse as my book-bag as well and I think it's time for some new purses you can never have enough of those.


I've tried the sin primer by Urban Decay and I LOVE it because it shimmers, you can use it as a primer or eyeshadow itself but now I want to try the rest of them (Original, Eden, and greed) which are $20 at Sephora

Another Urban Decay product I have wanted to try is the naked palette 2 and the good thing about urban decay is that shipping is free for orders over $50 because if you're like me you don't want to spend $52 for a few eyeshadows but I just have to see what is so excellence about these urban decay palettes. Stores like UltaSephora, and Macy's also sell Urban Decay products.

MAC 32.50

I typically don't use MAC products on my face I usually stick to lip products being I have really sensitive skin. I have read many different reviews from people with sensitive skin as well, some people said they broke out some didn't so I just mine as well take a chance and try MAC products on my face this coming year, it won't kill me. I chose two skin finishers from the Divine Night Collection they are both $33

Perfectly Poised

Centre of Attention

One brand that I have been wanting to try is Sigma and hopefully after this Christmas I will be seeing what the rave is over this brand.
Dare Eyeshadow Palette Sigma 


Many people know how much I love my hair and how much I love trying new hair products because you can never have enough hair products, especially when you have dry natural hair. My all time favorite is the Argan oil Organix I am willing to try anything from organix but I really want to try ....
Moroccan oil that can be found at Nordstrom it's 108 for the shampoo, conditioner and treatment. It is expensive but it must work magic if it's that pricy. 
More natural products I would like to try 
Stretch Silkening Creme from Miss. Jessie's it can be purchased online or at my favorite place ever Target from $7 to $38

Or maybe just a gift card you could never go wrong with that!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Windy days

 Hey beauties I took these pictures real quick before I went home to get ready for work and being I was short on time I didn't want to find a place that had better lighting. Plus it was windy I hate that part of being downtown. So I just played around on my computer with the editing as I watched my Sunday shows, Revenge and Betrayal. Have a great day beauties!

Outfit Details:
Top: Similar 10.80
Cardigan: Similar 14.95
Pants: Similar 18.95
Booties: Old Aldo
Earrings: Old Belk's (gift)
Cuff: Old Love Culture 


Photographed by Tina Chu