Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fall trends

It's the end of July and fall is approaching and if your a student I'm sure you have already started your back to school shopping. I made a mistake and I didn't check out any of the new trends I was just happy to go shopping ; I'm not done though! But back to the point of this post. So this fall you'll see glitter and sequins a great way to stand out. Patterns and prints aren't going anywhere a spring trend was mixing print which wasn't so noticeable I tried it and loved it but that won't be my favorite fall trend. My favorite fall trend that I might just try is baroque. I saw what Dolce and Gabbana and was to excited I went to another website to see what they had well let's just say I'll keep looking because I don't have D&G money. Surprisingly velvet is coming back I have never liked anything velvet and I really don't plan on purchasing anything velvet. Shoulder padded jackets this I don't have a problem with because I recently brought a shoulder padded shirt from a thrift store two weeks ago to do a D-I-Y with. I don't think any of my blazers are shoulder padded but Monica the beautiful singer that's married to LA lakers shooting guard can pull off a shoulder padded blazer better then anybody. Next trend that has to be my second favorite a shirt with a bow simple, elegant and cute. Next is crochet I didn't think I was going to like this but I ended up liking it I think the only affordable stores I would see this trend in is and Next trend that I loved when I was a freshman in high school I say it like it wasn't three years ago was all black now I prefer all white which is another fall trend this my favorite no matter what the season is. There are many more trends but I'm stopping with these I might do some more trends but have a beautiful, fashionable blessed day :)
                                                                    Dolce and Gabbana
                                                                        Louis Vuitton
                                                                           Miu Miu
Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti 
Louis Vuitton 
                                                                         Ralph Lauren
                                                                       Stella McCartney

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Items of the month

Hello beauties! I thought I should show you one of my favorite things I came across this month Steve Madden and something I came across that I didn't like which is from forever21, my favorite store! I hope you enjoy this post as well as my other posts. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and follow/subscribe. my blog. Have a great and safe weekend beauties!

If you follow me on twitter then you saw me tweet these Steve Madden black wedges with many prints which I LOVE PRINTS. I use to wear black a lot and now I love color I'm so bubbly so why show it with my clothes. These shoes say a lot with the different patterns. I feel like the shoes define me and I want them so bad but I don't want to pay 99.95 for them.

This is from forver21 as you can see it's with the love & beauty line. I don't remember what it's called and being I'm doing this post before I go to D.C I don't have time to look for it but it could be on my twitter. I got it because it said GLOW IN THE DARK. I was excited and impressed but I was let down I don't like this nail polish and I'm still trying to figure why. I love forever21 but I doubt I will buy nail polish from them again it was 2.80. Cheap isn't always good

Friday, July 20, 2012

How to stay hydrated during the summer

Hello beauties! I hope all is well in this heat! So earlier this week my boyfriend got sick and I panicked like any girlfriend would and should do. He went to urgent care and they told him he was dehydrated and I thought this heat is no joke, I should do a post on some foods that can help you stay hydrated. I hope you beauties are drinking plenty of water and wearing your sunblock! God Bless and have a fashionable and safe weekend

      Cucumbers because they contain A LOT of water in them with vitamin A and vitamin C. If you were in the sun to long and you got sunburn the peel can relieve sunburn. They have a lot of fiber in it! I love fiber. They can prevent kidney or bladder stones and lowers blood pressure.

   Watermelons just like cucumbers they contain a lot of water hello WATERmelon. I read that they are both 95% water.

 Those green smoothies. I’ve tried one and it was gross ; they have a lot of fiber which I love I am a big fan of fiber. It has plenty of nutrients. Don’t let my word discourage you from drinking this.

       Green Salads because a lot of lettuce has a lot of water and lettuce contains fiber and you should use a olive oil dressing they can be healthier than regular dressing.

.     Apples and applesauce. I just love Granny Smith Apples yumm. Apples help with lowering cholesterol preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer. Granny smith apples also have less sugar then the red apples. They have vitamin C which helps your immune system.

6     Red Bell Peppers which are packed with vitamins

7       Pineapples They are too sweet but it has something called bromelain which helps with digestion and they have proteins that can block blood clots and they help with blood circulation.

8       Skim Milk it keeps you hydrated more than Gatorade does. I was surprise when I read this Menshealth says that the fat in the milk can delay absorption and that chocolate milk helps too

9     Eggplants I hate eggplants the thought of them are making me sick right now

   Cantaloupe basically just like watermelon it has plenty of water

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some of my favorite Fashionistas

I have many styles that I love grown and sexy like the Kardashians sister plus an Odom. I love my prints and bold colors like Solange who has great hairstyles too! A taste of bohemian like Nicole Richie. If you know me then you know my closet is filled with skirts nice shirts and heels from Aldo, Steve Madden and Nine west just to name a few stores that always has my size which is a 10. I hate jeans I have over 20 pairs of them and please believe I'm about to sale at least half of them. Overall Solange is my favorite she is NOT scared to be different from her hair or her style. Her natural hair goes great with the BOLD prints and BOLD colors she loves to wear. Have a great day beauties!


Kardashian sisters and a Odom :)

                                                                       Nicole Richie

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Before you wash hair conditioner

I have been transitioning to natural hair for some months now. I’m just waiting until after the pageant for the big chop! I’m all about home remedies and do it yourself (D-I-Y) type of things. Since I have been transitioning I have been trying at home hair products also known as home remedies for your hair. This one is the best of them all so far. I made up a little before you wash your hair conditioner all you need is

2 tablespoon of plain yogurt
2 Tablespoon of honey
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
1 Teaspoon of olive oil

You want to stir these ingredients until they are mixed well. Then place it on your dry hair all the way down to the roots. This is not only great for your hair but your skin as well. Your hands will feel soft and smooth after you’re done with this. If you are wondering what some of these products do for your hair? Honey attracts moisture because it holds on to water molecules and it gives your hair a little shine.  If your hair is thinning honey is beneficial for you as well. Yogurt helps because it makes your hair feel softer and if you’re in a relationship and your mate is running their hands through your hair I doubt they want to feel dry hair. Not only that it helps your HAIR GROW. I’m really excited about this I’m converting to natural hair and I have maybe 3 inches of new growth. I cut my hair a lot but I have never had a short fro before so yogurt and vitamin E will be my new best friend so my hair will grow! Olive oil is another product to strengthen your hair. It also helps your hair grow longer so I’m going to use this little mixture every week. Last but not least lemon juice. This just lightens your hair which is great for me because I refuse to dye my hair when it can get lighter on it’s on and the lemon juice really helps with that! When I first tried this I kept it on my hair for an hour and I combed it through a couple of times. I washed it out and please make sure you wash all of it out. I used head and shoulders then my mom twisted my hair using fantasia pure tea instant oil moisturizer hair lotion. Which I think is the best moisturizer I think I might try some more of there products.

But here are the exact products I used I forgot to take a picture of the mixture and I’m in Orlando right now so I’ll have to post a picture another time. I really hope you guys like this little mixture. Have a safe blessed fashionable day! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One month :)

Isiah and I have been together for a month now our monthersary was on Wednesday July 4 I HAD THE BEST TIME! Every time I’m with him I have a good time but after you go 2 or 3 weeks without seeing that special person it’s like the best reunion ever. Some people can’t stand long distance relationships but we are growing together I fall in love with him more and more every week. But I still rather have him here with me. I wore a white tank with my favorite shorts which are beige and high waist both from forever21 with my colorful snake print sandals from Target for $17.80 music to my ears! Isiah wore a white polo and cargo’s we didn’t mean to match I went to the mall to get an outfit for this date because I wanted to look REALLY nice being I was meeting his grandma. I got a really cute 50’s 60’s dress from forever21 that’s peach and ivory with a bunch of prints then my mom told me not to wear it. I started off wearing a peach and gold bracelet and well I don’t remember what earrings I was wearing I just know my accessories are from forever21 of course. Well Isiah got me a necklace and matching earrings from his mom friend’s store. Which I think is really cute good job baby! We went to see that maeda movie and we walked around the mall went back to his house and his mom made the BEST enchiladas then we went to some park they were having some type of fair and fireworks. They had some rides I’m paranoid so I don’t trust fair rides Isiah was trying to get me ride them he was out of his mind. They had some stuff animal thing he picked up ducks and I chose whatever stuff animal I wanted. They a lot of vendors too and I got this overpriced ring that Isiah insisted on getting it for me and he didn’t realize that it was overpriced until after we got it. The highlight of this date was watching the fireworks together. As he was holding me while we were watching the fireworks I thought about everything. From the night we first met to him asking me out. Words can’t explain how happy I was I hope we have more dates like that. If you really love someone you will do what you have to, to make it work. Thank God we did. Never lose faith in each other and God. Don’t give up on each other without working it out

We took pictures but they didn't turn out so well I'll try and play with them work some magic and maybe post them :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pageant weekend

This weekend I just competed in National American Miss North Carolina it was sooooo fun I didn't want to leave but I'm glad that I placed in the top 20 I'll hopefully find out where exactly I placed. I got my first weave for the pageant I think it looks good but I'm not sure if it's for me my head is hurting and it's itchy! But it's helping my hair grow and I'm ready for the BC! "Big chop". But back to the pageant I met so many nice girls and of course there was some cocky girls ruining the great atmosphere. I'm already looking for some more pageants to do. But local ones so my friends can came especially Isiah I was kind of upset that he couldn't come but that's over. Our month anniversary is tomorrow so I'm excited about that. Any who any girl that's doing a pageant and you need advice feel free to hit me up :) Here are some pictures from the fun filled weekend!