Thursday, January 3, 2013

Polka Dots and Pearls

When I first saw this dress I said hmm it's different for me. I don't usually wear polka dots, but I also said to myself 1960s housewife and Adele! I love the 60s and I love Adele so I said I'll try it on. The only size I could find was a small and I usually wear a medium sometimes a large it all depends. When I tried on this size small dress I ran out of the dressing room to find my best friend because I was too excited to be wearing a small again. I hope you beauties like the outfit. Have a beautiful, blessed and love filled day :)

Outfit Details
Dress: Charlotte Russe $10 (sale price)
Bag: Aldo $27.80 (sale price) 
Shoes: Forever $27.80
Necklace: Forever21 old
Blazer: Thrift store

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