Thursday, May 23, 2013

spring favorites

I recently got this as a sample from sephora and i lost it which I'm really upset about now that it's hot wearing makeup with spf is extremely important I apply the primer and let it dry as the instructions say then i apply my covergirl foundation then i apply the bareMinerals foundation as a pressing powder because it doesn't give me a cakey  look like my covergirl pressing powder did. I highly recommend this primer and foundation

Foundation: Sephora
Primer: Sephora

If I could I would wear dresses like these everyday but with the sheer dresses the fabric gets wrinkled so easily and who wants to walk around looking like they just woke up and picked something out the dirty clothes basket. The fit and flare dresses omg! I love them they make me look thinner then what I already look what girl doesn't want that?! The only thing is if I want them to fit I have to get a small but then it's to short because my legs are so long. You can't win lol

These sandal heels are so cute most people think they are for formal wear or for Sunday service. You can wear these shoes anyway you want to. I've worn them with a fit and flare dress and in a previous post I wore them with some tuxedo pants. This style is slowing going away which means they will be on sale soon! Which is great because I really want these shoes I just don't want to pay 60 something dollars for them.

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