Friday, December 5, 2014

Products I regret

Okay ladies we all have those beauty products that we hear about and say hmm I HAVE to try it, we try it and then BOOM it is the worst thing since Chris Brown went blonde!

I was once a product junkie, I get a coupon hear about a sale and convince myself I need the product because I don't have enough things as it is. I don't regret too many products so this will be short

One thing I totally regret is the Sephora PRO Precision Powder brush
                     It sheds I think the name should be PRO shed master it's not just my brush that sheds so don't think that I got a bad brush because my manager has the same brush and she can side with me this brush is the shed master.
I paid 30 something dollars for this damn shed master

L'Oreal True Match

It was not so true with me. My poor face was caked up and I don't put pounds of makeup on I try to keep it as neutral as possible but goodness I looked like a drag queen. I love drags but I am NOT trying to look like them they do their jobs well and I am not trying to take over. The shade is close enough I guess when you are my complexion it is almost impossiible to find a foundation that is close to your skin tone. 
This is one of those foundations when you find yourself constantly having to touch up here and there, so if you are lazy and don't have time for all of that don't buy this liquid disaster. Plus it makes my face itch.

Color Tattoo Metal by Maybelline 
 I haven't used this too many times but the first times I used it was creasing a lot and and by the end of the day my eyelids looked oily with clumps of eyeshadow...... Embarassing. 

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