Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day gift guide for Guys and Girls

Hey guys I guess I am a little late with this post but I am single and February 14th is another day to me so I don't pay attention to the hype of Valentine's Day BUT I am great at buying gifts for people so I am here to help the people that are lost and have no idea what to buy the love of their life or love of the moment.... anywho hope that this post helps you all thanks for visiting loves.

For the video game lovers it's best to get them something that recently came out and the best place to go is gamestop they are more helpful then the associates at walmart or target. 
Here are some options:
1. Assassin's Creed Unity 'Dead Kings'
2. Saints Row: Gat out of hell
3.Evolve that comes out February 10

So everyone and their mom wants a nice watch these days but not everyone and their momma wants to pay that Micheal Kors money for that nice watch below are some expensive and inexpensive arm candy for men and women
Here are some options:
Casio is one of the most popular affordable watch brands so if nothing below catches your eye visit their website for more options.
1. Casio G-shock to me G-shocks can be unisex and trendy and a little pricy

For women
New York and Company 27.95 and New York and Company has a BETTER watch selection in stores and they are ALWAYS having a great sale!

I am in LOVE with this watch not because it is on sale for $150 at nordstroms but it is SO beautiful and classy with the diamonds. It is just beautiful and I don't even like silver that much.

Bracelets to go with the watches
Forever21  comes in silver too!

For Men

For the Bag Ladies

And of course something that explains your love and gratitude towards your significant other
Personalzation Mall  is a GREAT place to go but I would act fast and get on there NOW and get to planning and creating. And of course edible arrangements their fruit is out of this world amazingly delicious with cute arrangements and bears and balloons the nine yards! I hope this was somewhat helpful to you guys that are not too sure on what is a great valentines day gifts.
A pandora bracelet is always and beautiful start off with three charms and gradually buy more charms as just because gifts.
Buy your lover a nice outfit to go out in maybe to dinner, movie a comedy spot! Or maybe try something different. 

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