Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Relationship advice : should couples have rules

I think couples should have rules and im sure Isiah and I aren't the only couple that have rules. We have three simple important rules to help us maintain our relationship especially now that he has moved out of state but that's another post. I hope our rules can help you feel free to leave comments, email me or follow me :)

Rule 1 you have to trust each other.
If you don’t want “rules” in your relationship you should at least have this one rule. If you don’t have trust then it’s just chaos waiting to happen. Isiah and I have had our issues that I won’t touch on. But because of that drama I had and maybe I still am having some trust issues. But the more we talk the more we are willing to compromise with each other I’m willing to trust him now. If you can’t trust the person you are with explain to yourself why you can’t trust them. Write it down and then share with them why you can’t trust them. Ask them if they are willing to work the problem out. If they are texting someone of the opposite sex and you aren’t comfortable with it don’t hold it in tell them to stop texting them or tell them they don’t have to talk all day every day. If that other person is calling them baby be mature and tell your boyfriend or girlfriend to stop talking to them loose contact with and block there number, facebook twitter etc.

Rule 2 Communication!
Sometimes it’s hard to get boys to talk. Sometimes I have to drill things out of Isiah but just small things. If you have to drill important things out of your boyfriend or girlfriend then there is a problem. I’m not saying you have to go into a relationship knowing everything about who you are dating that’s another post. If you can’t have a conversation with the person you are with maybe because they are shy don’t give up. Just work with them and allow them to get comfortable with you. I’m shy and Isiah and I can text about everything but it’s hard for me to talk on the phone with him. When we are together we can laugh and joke about anything. To help overcome I guess you could say being nervous to talk on the phone. Make a list of things to talk about. Yes I know it’s crazy but it works! Maybe you could talk about a conversation you guys had while texting. If you guys have just stared dating this is a great opportunity for you to overcome this fear. There is so much to learn about one person. There ambition, favorite color, favorite food etc. Talk about politics or world issues. Talk about what bothers you and what you expect out of a relationship.

Rule 3 Respect
This topic is more for males to learn. These days guys don’t know how to respect females. They are calling females bad or sexy and fine. Well that’s not respect and if you really like your girlfriend for who she is respect her and call her beautiful or pretty and I promise you she will look at you differently. If you’re a female and your boyfriend calls you bad and fine tell him to read this. You should be with a guy that reminds you how beautiful you are almost every day. If you don’t want to have sex but the person you’re with is putting pressure on you to do so. There is one option to solve this one you can leave them 


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