Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall make up trends

When your thinking of makeup and fall is approaching your thinking red orange and brown. Well those are the colors I think of. If you’re someone that’s always wearing lip colors like orange and pink go with red a chocolate brown or magenta. I never try on any lip gloss or lip stick but I’m not a fan of lip stick though. Sephora has a huge selection of lip colors and samples; they have little sticks you can use to try the colors on. I advise you to try it on your hand first and whatever colors you like the most on your skin I guess you could try it on your lips. I personally think that is nasty.  Futuristic makeup such as geometric eyeliner which I LOVE also really thick eyeliner. Color blocking eye shadow I think it’s unique and as a high school student this wouldn’t be my everyday makeup unless I went to an art school. With color blocking eye shadow you could do red lid with purple eye shadow on your eyebrows, or you could use to colors on your eyes without blending or using mascara that’s some bold color. If you’re looking for something simple just do a smoky brown look. I hope you beauties have fun with your make up and fall fashion. 
                                                               MAC RED LIPSTICK $15


This is my favorite geometric eyeliner that I have seen

Color Blocking eye shadow I saw this on http://www.eyemakeuptipsforblueeyes.com/ I love this!

If you want some neutral and brown right now BH cosmetics 88 Neutral eyeshadow is $15!

 Color Mascara from hard candy $6 at wal mart



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  2. i love the make ups and the color of the eye its so colorful..i love make ups specially the girly thing..

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