Sunday, February 3, 2013

Diy hair mask

      My hair has been SO DRY for about three weeks I got the Organix coconut milk shampoo and condtioner for Christmas and couldn't wait to use it. Before I started using that I was using Organix Moroccan Argan Oil that I do recommend for someone who is natural and has type 4C hair. Yes my hair is SUPER thick. But anyways I'm thinking it's the Organix coconut milk that's drying my hair out which sucks because it smells so GOOD! But my mom is using it now so it's not going to waste. I really want to try the argan oil and shea butter Organix
      Since my hair has been so dry and I've been spraying it like there is no tomorrow I decided to do hair mask I haven't done since I first went natural in August. I used half a cup of fat free plain yogurt that's suppose to help your hair grown and make it softer, what woman wouldn't like that combination! I also used an egg which is good for someone that has dandruff like myself. With the fatty acids and the vitamin A that helps produce natural oils on your scalp. An egg can also leave your hair looking shiny and can strengthen your hair. I added a few drops of eucalyptus oil that helps with dandruff and hair growth.

   I applied the mixture to my hair and left it on for about one and a half hours. When you rinse it out make sure the yogurt clumps are all out. I co-washed with the Organix moroccan argan oil conditioner. I applied  natural shea butter to my hair which locks in the moisture and helps with hair growth (can also be used as a styling cream). I use shea butter to detangle my hair which helps soooo much it makes a hard process a little easier.

I can't get any pictures to upload so look on my Instagram : MyAddictions22 to see the finished process

Enjoy your day beauties :)


  1. You are so pretty & stylish :)

  2. Very nice! I may have to give this one a try sometime. I live in the Southwest and my hair has become a dry mess!! Great results, followed on instagram :)


  3. Love Love Love your hair. I to am trying to let mine grow and do the natural thing. I love wash and go hair. I really love that bag. You contacted me on IFB, but I can't get into my messages. I would love for you to follow my blog at


  4. Thank you Kajsa and Kristine it really helps and I followed back :) At Kat I was having the same problem! I would love to follow you back thank you for following ladies