Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Leave in Conditioner

Instead of buying a leave in conditioner I decided to make one its really simple all you need is ...

Spray bottle I got mine from Sally's
                                                  Any conditioner a cheap one will do just fine

                                                                      Eucalyptus oil

                                                                 Carrot and aloe oil
                                                                 Shea Butter Oil

I use eucalyptus because it's suppose to help with hair growth and it's suppose to get rid of dandruff. I have problems with dandruff and I'm scared to use head and shoulders because sulfate isn't good for people with natural hair so I use oils to help with my dandruff. I got the carrot oil and aloe oil because I couldn't find JUST aloe vera oil. Aloe vera prevents your hair from getting frizzy. Carrot oil strengthens your hair and keeps it silky. Shea butter is SO good for your hair because it locks in the moisture and if your hair is anything like my dry hair, you need all the shea butter you can get. 
I mix these oils with the conditioner and shake the bottle really well and then I spray away. I hope this DIY leave in conditioner helps with your hair enjoy your day beauties :)


  1. Coconut oil is cheaper than eucalyptis i use 1/4 c. of evoo, 1/4 c. of coconit oil 4 tblsp leamon juice 3tblsp of white vinigar mix put in hair for ten min wash out works wonders

  2. Hi Angela I'm sorry for the late response but I'm just seeing this! But I pay almost the same price for both oils about $10. Thank you for the visit