Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to buy the right bathing suit

 Some of you may live in states or will be visiting states that have warmer weather so you are in need of a bathing suit. You probably have an idea of what kind of bathing suit you want but you also should select a bathing suit that fits your body type and I'm going to help you with that. Have a great day and I hope you find the right bathing suit :)

If you have a big chest choose a top that has enough support for you with a lot of prints. The prints are a distraction and make your chest look smaller.
This to me is tacky but it will definitely hide your big boobs you can find it here Charlotte Russe 19.99

For girls with a smaller chest a push up bikini top or a strapless top like a bandeau will do well for you. Make sure you stay away from tops that have a V-bra line; this will make you look flat chested unless the straps are narrow. You might be thinking, ‘the more padding the better. Wrong, the more padding the worst. When you have a lot of padding your top is wet longer and your breasts are uncomfortable. 
What better way to hide that you have a small chest then to wear ruffles you can find this at Forever21 13.80

For plus size girls if you’re trying to hide your stomach a high waist bathing suit is your best option and they are very trendy. To show off the curves you have try a body hugging one piece.

They don't have a top to go with this, if they do I didn't see it but there was a cute polka dot bikini top that would probably go well with this bottom that can be found at LaneBryant 49.95

Trying to hide how big your backside? A bathing suit bottom that cuts straight across and covers your entire backside will do fine. To bring attention to your backside a U or V bottom shape in the center at the lower backside. A plain bottom piece with a decorative waist design brings attention to the upper portion of your body rather than your lower section of the body.

This is the style you want to go you can find it at Forever21 12.80

Short girls should go for bathing suits with bold colors, instead of going for a floral print bathing suit that would make you look like a little girl. Plain one piece bathing suits

 In my opinion it's probably easy to find a bathing suit for a short girl, so I picked a random bathing suit that seems bold enough to me you can find it at Forever21

Tall girls should choose a bikini with bold prints or a solid one piece to accentuate your torso. 

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