Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My top 10 favorites under $10

Hi beauties! I thought since my blog is about "balling on a budget" I thought I would do a post of 10 of my favorite products under 10 dollars. These are just random products that I love and that are affordable. Prices do vary when you go to certain stores I reccomend that you go to wal mart for majority of these products unless target is having a little sale the products will be a little cheaper, avoid going to the drug stores because they always raise the prices of products.

1. Jergens Skin firming lotion (almost any kind of jergens I love)
It's fall, but in North Carolina it feels like winter! There is saying "light skin people don't need lotion." In fact it doesn't matter what your complexion, race or sex is you need to lotion. Who wants to touch someone with dry skin? I know I don't, so I recommend Jergens if you don't want to pay 10 or more dollars for good lotion like Eucerin. Right now I am trying the Skin firming lotion that I got from Wal Mart for $5! I apply it to my skin after I get out the shower (it's best to use lotion when your skin is damp.) The lotion has a wonderful smell and keeps you feeling smooth and smelling nice.

2. Nourishing coconut milk hibiscus creamy body wash from organix
My mom bought this for me last Christmas it was apart of my natural product hair basket (the best thing you can buy [put to together] someone that's natural) anyways when I first saw that organix had body wash I got sooo excited because this is my favorite hair product brand so I could only imagine if it has saved my dry hair I'm sure it could save my dry skin, which it did. This body wash is definitely nourishing and it smells SOOO good I like to use this if I'm going somewhere because the smell last for a while. Since I started using this body wash my skin has gotten a little softer.

3. Renewing moroccan argan oil intense moisturizing treatment organix 
Once again another organix product and my mom bought this as well. I was newly natural last December and my TWA basically my little afro needed everything to help it grow and keep it from getting dry. If you have dry hair I highly RECOMMEND this product because this works MAGIC! I like to cover my hair with this treatment and put my plastic shower cap on my head like instructed and I get in my steaming hot shower for better results. You are suppose to keep it on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes I like to get it on a little longer then I rinse with warm water and it's the most amazing feeling ever.

4. L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
I am a mascara lover, if there is anything I love about myself it would be my eyelashes. They are so long and thick I just love them so much. I have tried many mascaras and by far this one is my favorite. My eyelashes are so full and long when I use this mascara and it brings out my beautiful brown eyes and my eyes appear to be bigger. and the other best part is I got it on sale! 

5. True blue Mini Walnut Shell Smoothing foot scrub from bath and body works
I have had this for a while and it's rare when I use it, but when I do my feet so soft including my hands from using the product, plus it smells amazing. This is my favorite product going into spring, because the harsh winter weather dries out my feet well my skin period I haven't found a body scrub to amount to this foot scrub yet. The best time to get this is after Christmas it's original price is $6 but I am sure I paid less then that.

6. True blue spa shea it isn't so bath and body works
This lotion is from the bath and body works spa line too and this is a must have I am not sure if they sell it still I don't go into bath and body works often I only go after Christmas and I have had this longer then the foot scrub. I sure hope they have it still because paying $6 for something that makes your feet feel as"smooth as a baby's bottom" just blows my mind. This lotion is 8 times better then the jergens so if you already use jergens then you can only imagine how great this product is.

7. Neutrogena Naturals Acne Spot treatment
I am always searching for something for my sensitive skin something that will clear my acne or to get rid of a scar. I had never tried any of the Neutrogena Naturals product but after using this I think I will try more of their products. If you are using the treatment to clear your skin it should clear your scar within three weeks (that's how it works for me) 

8. Tea Tree Oil
This oil is good for anything that you can think of; dark skin, your hair and your nails it works for everything! I like to use it on my nails during the spring because during the winter your nails can become brittle because of the cold temperature and tea tree oil will harden and thicken your nails. If you have bad dandruff this a good oil to use on your hair. For some people tea tree oil makes the dandruff  worst  for some it clears it up. You can also use an ample amount for acne, eczema, cuts and burns. If you have a cold you can put a couple of drops in your bath. It's also good for cleaning too! If you mix two tablespoons and two cups of water in a spray bottle you have a all purpose cleaner. It depends where you go to get tea tree oil to find a nice price you can go to a natural home and food market or wal mart.

9. Almay Clear Complexion Concealer 
Concealer can be used for many things but I use this to help get rid of my acne and acne scars which it does so well with that If you constantly use it my only problem with it is I have a hard time rubbing it into my skin this is the only concealer I have used so I'm not sure if they are all like that but I love this one just because it's Almay and you know this brand is for people with sensitive skin and the fact that it clears your skin I had to buy it.

10. E.L.F blending eye brush
For this to be a dollar it works magic! I call this brush my eyeshadow fixer, because whenever I mess up or I think I may have used too much color I grab this brush and it does it's job I blend and blend and the problem is fixed. Some people say there brush sheds, this brush doesn't, I guess I got a good one but some of my other elf brushes do shed like my total face brush that's just so fluffy I love it beside the shedding anyways I lost my first blending brush and if I loose something I loose it I won't go and buy the SAME exact thing again but I did because it's just that great. Sometimes cheap is good!

Well beauties that's ten products and I hope that you all will go and buy these products because are they AMMMAZZZINGG! Have a great day :)

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