Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beauty Product Review

Hey beauties the other day I went to Target and spent more money then I expected to. My first plan was to get a new foundation and left with two. My second plan was to buy stocking stuffers for my mom which I accomplished, I probably got more stocking stuffers then I should've gotten. THEN, of course the plan doesn't stop there, I am visiting my grandparents in Missouri and we all know I'm a southern girl and an thing below 60 degrees is cold! So I had to buy a scarf and gloves but I only got a scarf. So I got everything I needed to get and a more. 

If there is anything I must have is BIG LASHES. So I'm always trying new mascara espically if it's on sale and this L'Oreal Voluminous mascara was on sale and being I have brown eyes I got carbon black to bring my eyes and make them seem a little lighter. I would not recommend this masacara to anyone I will stick to my L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.

  • It did bring my eyes out they were light and beautiful well they are always beautiful 
  • My eye lashes were big and bold for only 5 seconds so I wouldn't really say that is good 
  • It does NOT give a dramatic volume like it says it will
  • My lashes clumped together
  • Hard to take off 

The next L'Oreal product I tried was a foundation: True match classic tan. I don't usually try products unless it says hypoallergenic, I also have a hard time trying to find the right foundation for my complexion. I always have to use two different shades and blend and blend and blend. I made the biggest mistake and instead of trying the foundation on I compared it to the foundation I already use (covergirl tawny) I stopped using that because it made me look cakey. So back back to L'Oreal 
  • I like how the foundation feels when I apply it, it has a smooth feeling to it.
  • My skin doesn't look so oily
  • Without concealer it covered my scars well which surprised me
  • It smells bad.
  • I look like a oompa loompa, bad spray tan gone WRONG
  • Makes me look a little cakey

On to Maybelline Fit Me foundation I got the 330 and I have never used a Maybelline foundation before and I am impressed...

  • Applies so smoothly
  • Doesn't smell
  • I don't look oily
  • Blends in well with my complexion
  • A matte finish (surprised me)
No Cons for this product I am totally in love with this!

I also picked up a new face cleanser I have tried noxzema, St. Ives apricot scrub, many neutrogena products and etc. etc. I stood in the aisle for five minutes trying to decide on what I wanted to try. I went with clearasil because I always see nice commercials and the price is great! The product is decent I can't really give a full review yet I need a another month to see some results but I will say that my face is looking and feeling softer.  When I first started using this product it was causing irritation underneath my eyes, which I'm no longer experiencing.

I don't really wear nail polish like that because I can't wear it because of work. But I still have to buy them for summer because I always have my feet out so my favorite nail polish is the Sally Hansen red carpet. I love it because it's red one of my favorite colors and all the sparkle in it I love shimmer and glitter, but it chips  so easily, so I think I'm going to try to find a Essie nail polish like this on my next trip to the store. Anyways the thing about any Xtreme wear polish chips so easily but I love the colors they offer but they can be watery. So if you are always in to something I advise you NOT to use this brand on my next post I will have more nail polish in different brands well have a peachy day or night beauties!

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