Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sephora Haul and Review

Instead of buying each thing individually not knowing how I was going to feel about them I decided to buy this palette that is so cute, obviously it's like a beauty book. I bought this because after trying the powder hello flawless, I was amazed because of how well it covered my acne scars on the side of my face. I thought if the powder has great coverage I would just try everything they had to offer. I do recommend the hello flawless powder, it doesn't give you a cakey look, it gives you a soft neutral look with great coverage. But the Pore Professional is something else maybe it's just me but when I use it, it dries my face out. It does help with the pores but I much rather my face not feel so dried out. I don't typically use concealer but I used the lighter "boi-ing" on my scars and once I applied the foundation and powder my scars were covered. I like this a lot more then the liquid concealer I have used before I wouldn't bother buying it though.

The bad gal lash works very much like my favorite mascara the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes that can be purchased at target for 7.99 A little bit BAD gal lashes can be purchased here at Sephora for 10 it's just a mini version or more like a sample of the bad gal lashes which is 19. There are two differences between this mascara and the L'Oreal mascara the BAD gal lashes do extend your lashes more then the L'Oreal. With one application of the BAD gal lash is like three applications of the Voluminous Million Lashes. The other difference is BAD gal lashes don't clump like the L'Oreal mascara. If I had to choose I would continue to buy the L'Oreal Mascara since it is cheaper and does almost the same thing. They They're real mascara is the best mascara I can't compare it to any other mascara. I haven't used a mascara that extends my lashes as far as this one does. I haven't used a mascara that rarely clumps like this one. If you don't like your lashes to look really dark this is a good masacara because it gives your lashes a natural look. I just love love love this mascara you can purchase the mini version at Sephora (Click Here) or on benefits website you can buy the bigger one and more products (Click Here). If you purchase more then 50 dollars worth of products on sephora you can recieve three free samples and free shipping. If you spend more then 60 dollars with benefits you will receive a free mini deluxe sample of the they're real mascara what I paid 10 dollars for you can get for free! 

When the makeup artist at Sephora was applying foundations to my face she was using this brush and it was so soft and I have been wanting a new face brush because my elf face brush was to rough and my skin was burning maybe I am to heavy handed but it is not anywhere near as soft as this sephora brush. This brush really does blend my foundation out really well. My only problem was this brush sheds and not a little hair here and there every once in a while. Literally every time I use this brush I have hairs on my face from the brush, so if you hate for your brushes to shed, don't bother spending $38 on this. If you don't mind go ahead because it the softest fluffiest brush that has ever touched my face. I can't wait to try more brushes!

If you know me then you know I hate scented this because they bother my allergies and they cause headaches. But I decided to try this sample well it's really a gift set from Soap and Glory (Click Here) Which contains their body butters: Sugar Crush (my absolute favorite), The Righteous Butter (that I am currently trying) and Butter yourself that is too strong for me to try.

The Sugar Crush has the best sweetest smell with a hint of a lemon smell. It kind of reminds me of some typr of lemon cookie or cake or pasty of some sort. It is just the absolute best I stopped using my body washes and olive oil on my skin and only used soap, water this lotion to see the difference in my skin. Compared to jergens the body washes and the olive oil this lotion works better then alllllllll of  the products I use together. I couldn't stop rubbing my skin I'm almost out of it already which is why I started using the righteous butter one. When I try something and I like it so much and I try another product its hard to beat the product that I love. I am not so impress with the righteous butter one smell wise, it just doesn't smell as great. It has a cologne type of smell (which I hate) but it still works well, if you like a colgone smell enjoy it. 

Well beauties have a wonderful day with love!

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