Monday, March 17, 2014

Motivational Monday: Playing yourself

If you keep going back to someone who keeps playing you, you are playing yourself.

Have you ever really thought about that? I am sure some of you all have thought that before. And it is very true. I got my heartbroken, I have been played, used, and everything else. Guys often ask me “Why are you single?” For various reasons (which is another post), but for what relates to this post is because I notice when most guys are trying to play me before they can really win.

For three years and almost three months I was playing myself. I believed everything my ex boyfriend said, I was trying to fix what couldn’t be fixed. I was also hurting while he was having fun. I cut off my guy friends because those guy friends at some point were trying to be in his position and be my boyfriend, while he had girls spending the night at his place, claiming girls were just his best friends. That whole time I was playing myself because I knew I could have kept my friends, I didn’t have to do something he wasn’t willing to do. If I hated that he was spending the night at girls’ houses and vice verse even though he SAID they slept in two different rooms, why did I stay around to keep crying, to keep having chest pain, to keep having headaches etc. etc. Don’t stay around and deal with lies, that’s when you start playing yourself.

When you are getting played by someone it just means, that individual is fooling you; they want you to think you are (these are three common things):
1.       The only one.
·         Sike! These days 95 percent of the time you aren’t! Your cousin may be a potential victim right along with you!
2.       The most important person in their life (at the moment)
·         You aren’t the most important person in their life unless you have said “I DO” and for all the right reasons, not because you are about to be baby momma or baby daddy.
3.       You are the best thing that happened since macaroni and cheese and collard greens.
·         Is it noticeable that I’m a southern girl?

A player will make you think all of that and when you realize it was all a lie, are they hurt? Nope they are out looking for the next victim if they haven’t already found them. Are you hurt? More than likely, especially if you thought you were the best thing that happened since macaroni and cheese and collard greens.

If you know they have played you once, and twice don’t let it happen a third time. Don’t make a fool out of yourself and cuss them out or say negative things about them. Don’t let them know that they won. Simply wish them nothing but the best and walk away. Delete their number, the text messages, and the phone calls; unfollow them on instragram and twitter. Erase every memory and close that door so a better door can open for you. Don’t hold onto memories convincing yourself that it could possibly work out. It’s time to stop playing yourself and get yourself ready for that person that will appreciate you and treat you like the Queen or King you may be.
Hopefully this post will help you think about how you can improve yourself and your love life. 

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