Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drugstore haul and review

Hey beauties! Last month Walgreens was having a buy one get one 50 percent off sale and I had coupons so I couldn't say no. This is what I got...

               It’s the winter time which means dry skin dry skin. Lately I have been doing my makeup when I get on campus and face would be dry for the maybe 10 or 15 minutes I have been outside since I washed and moisturized my face. So I finally purchased Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream to apply to my face when I get to campus (You are actually suppose to apply this before you leave your house) and my face feels smoother, lighter and less oily then when I used other moisturizers. Of course, its darker then my actual complexion but you can’t tell that is once I rub it in. I was hoping that the bb cream would help correct redness because I have a major issue with that. It kind of helps with it which is exciting because I can get a moisturizer, sunscreen and redness corrector all in one for I think $10 instead of me buying a primer from smashbox or makeup forever for about $30. By 5 my face was oily! It looked like I moisturized my face with Crisco, this was day one but day 2 when I got home from work at 10 my face wasn’t oily AT ALL which is weird. Maybe my skin had to get use to this new product.

I am really new to blushes I didn’t think I would ever wear blush but after trying the bh cosmetics professional blush palette I decided that I would continue to try blushes.
I really wanted to try the Glaze Sticks something NEW from Maybelline and I adore these! I only got two I think I will get the other three the next time I go.
If you are new to blushes I would recommend just pinched pink. When you apply it looks very light it’s noticeable but not dramatic, it’s very soft and neutral. It gives you a glow sometimes if it’s more of a shine then a glow I will use a powder blush to set it a little and it knocks that shine out. This I am definitely buying again I do recommend it and it’s already a favorite of mine.

I also got  which is too light for a blush for my complexion but can be used as a highlighter I love it because it is sooooo shimmery and when I used it as a highlighter underneath my eyes I got a lot complements on my makeup that day. I wasn't to sure about continuing to use it as a highlight but obviously it wasn't to bad!
Pinched Pink

L'Oreal Voluminous butterfly mascara:
This Mascara is life! 
  • To me it's better than Benefit Cosmetics they're real. It works the same but is a few dollars cheaper.
  • Clump free
  • All you need is one good coat sometimes two and you are fine.
  • Long lasting, no need for a reapplication 

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes review can be found in my Top 10 products under $10 (click here)

 I am absolutely in love with these colors especially:

Plush Plum from the L'Oreal 
It should be called Plush Plum Perfection because it is amazing!

  • It applies smoothly 
  • It's dark but not too dark so it will look good on any complexion
  • It has a nice shine not to glossy looking it's just right for a soft shine.
  • Great for fall (I'm going to wear it year round)
  • It moisturizes your lips so your lips as soft as an application of blistex 
Most of the time I always but on chapstick before I apply any lip product to prevent my lips from looking awful and chappy. Thank the lipstick experts for this lip balm because I don't have to apply any chapstick it gets the work done. I do suggest this one only. I tried a lot more of the lip balms and I was not impressed that's another post.

Maybeline's Summer Sunset Is amazing 
  • It's neutral
  • Goes well with my skin 
  • Its gives a neutral makeup look a classy finish
  • It's not that chalky (but apply chapstick before applying this)
  • It's a brown burgundy color
Overall I am impressed and I will save it for next fall I am not that impressed to use it year round.

Maybeline's Broadway Bronze
I hate it, it was too chalky for me. Bottom line I tried to use my urban decay lip gloss that came with my Naked 2 pallete didn't help. Still awful.

Maybeline's Perfect Plum
  • It's kind of choclatey 
  • It's dark but not to dark
  • Good for the fall or a night out

Mayebelline The Elixir line I thought was getting lipstick but when I got home I opened it and saw lip gloss wasn't mad I actually thought it was a cute idea, I like the packaging. I got two colors just to try it.
Captivating Carnation
  •                It smells like bath and body works warm vanilla sugar or whatever it is called! I don’t wear bath and body works but I know that scent. And I kind of think that it is weird this gloss smells like this it makes my mouth feel like I ate some of the bath and body work product.
  •            I LOVE the color, it gives my lips a red tint
  •                It’s not extremely glossy like the cheap lip glosses you can find in the hair store that we loved when we were younger but it definitely has a shine to it.
  •        It has a soft look I am always scared of my lips having that chalky look. This gloss does not give your lips that look which is great

Petal Plush gets a big thumbs down

  • It is a frosty pink
  • It makes my lips look REALLY chalky worst then the lipstick from the hair store kind of chalky 
  • It's just awful

Ignore the mary kay products and the hair products that will be another post!

Maybelline Lash stiletto 

  • Waterproof
  • First application my lashes were long 'false lashes'
  • Second application my lashes became fuller
  • Third application my lashes were bolder, darker fuller and more extended
When applying your third application if you use that many be careful because it can and will clump! Not sure if I would purchase this again.

Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express

  • The reason I chose this one was one the color it matches my favorite cup (my Mason jar cup, every southern girl needs one) and two the brush, I thought that with this brush it would have really extended my lashes and make them POP just a little more than an average brush. I only used two applications this, on the first one it really extended my lashes with the 2nd application my lashes appeared to be fuller, bolder and darker I love love love the combination. This can get a little clumpy though. If you are looking for something with more of a fuller effect then extending the lashes then go with this. This is not a mascara I would purchase again being I love my lashes to look big and bold all day without having to reapply reapply and reapply.
The 24 hour color tattoo by maybelline 

I purchased two of these because I wanted to try something new but not go over board. I am glad I didn't go overboard because It started creasing at about four hours, then it was like "where did my eyeshadow go?" So I obviously wasn't impressed, I can take creasing but not my eyesdaow "disappearing" 

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