Monday, April 28, 2014

Loving Yourself: Part One

Hey beauties! I was just thinking about this conversation my mom and I had and I was like I have to share this with someone but who? Then I thought this is something I could do a post on. 

We were discussing guys. I am attracted to all kind of guys, I try not to judge by appearance. I am the type of person that will date someone because of who they are on the inside. Like I said I am attracted to all kind of guys, including thugs. My mom like most moms is SO against that. It's not like I date them, I observe and move on. Another thing is thugs love me they are mainly the only guys that approach me, which blows my mind. I told my mom I don't understand why they like me but the guys that are the total opposite barely approach me. That's when my mom said well you need change.

I am the type of person that will be me until the day the lord takes me and he is the only person I will change myself for. Which I am working on.

How many of you all have changed yourself for someone?

My mom said being attracted to thugs is lowering my standard.  No changing myself for certain guys to accept me is.

I am at the point where I am just now accepting who I am and most importantly I am just now loving myself. You can't love anymore if you don't love yourself.

If you are willing to change yourself for someone else you don't love yourself.

With all of that being said I decided I should do "loving yourself" post. I am all about helping others and listening to others because growing up I felt like no one really listened. Today we need to start listening to each other, that is part of what is wrong with the world. When you don't listen to what a love one has to say that will make them feel lower about themselves. So let's help others that don't love themselves be able to say "I love myself more than anything"

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