Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sephora brush review

Hey beauties I have been wanting to try new brushes and for whatever reason I decided to try sephora's eyeshadow brushes even though I had a bad experience with the precision powder brush that sheds like a dog.

Have you ever had a eyeshadow brush that had a hard feeling when you used it (my eyeshadow brushes from ulta are like that) but these sephora brushes are not like that in the everyday eye brush set it has 5 brushes

All over shadow
Small shadow
Angled shadow
Rounded crease
Angled liner

Angled shadow brush is the absolute best for trying to create a soft look in the crease

I'm not a fan of the rounded crease brush it does pick up the shadow very well a little too much for me at times.

The small eyeshadow brush is everything! It's soft and I like for the color or colors on my lid to be bold and noticeable it picks up the right amount of shadow to give the look a nice vibrant pop.

The all over brush simply just doesn't pick up much shadow it's one of those brushes you will have to dip into the shadow again.

The angled liner is pretty amazing I feel like I don't mess up as much when applying my eyeliner I have a more even smoother look with my eyeliner

I would suggest this set of brushes and it also comes with wipes to clean your brushes. Sn: the wipes are amazing and they get the cleaning done!

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