Thursday, July 24, 2014

When God is talking to you

Hey beauties I hope all is well!

Today's post is more spiritual (obviously with a title like "when God is talking to you") I have always wondered how do you know if God is really telling you something or is it your mind telling you something you may or may not need to hear. I'm one of those people that over thinks just about every situation and when you are raised by a strict christian momma,  you know everything you do basically needs to be Jesus telling you that's correct. But how do you when the Lord is actually talking to you?

 I have come to realize when you are thinking about a situation and you keep having mix feelings and thoughts but there is that one thought you feel is strong and your heart feels another way. That is nothing but Jesus.  No I do not have a degree in theology and I don't study or know the bible inside out. But I know I serve an amazing God and I know when he wants me to share certain things with certain people. One of my readers will more than likely relate to this or this will be beneficial. Either way I just want to help some people out!

So if you all are having a hard time with making a decision talk to God, listen but don't listen to hard and listen to him and not yourself. Listening to yourself will only get you in a rough spot. Listening to God will just take you down the right path.

If God is saying let go of your job, know it's because a better one is coming. If he is saying leave a certain person alone its only to prevent you from getting hurt.

Have a great day and thank you for visiting!

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