Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Turn around run and stop chasing him!

Hello my beauties I hope all is well! I have noticed that my religious and relationship post are more popular then what I expected. I hope you all are enjoying them and tell your friends to visit and read them as well.

Tonight God told me to stop studying and write about chasing after men.

Women are quick to approach a man, we see something we want we plot and go after it. Yes I am young but I do know about those days when women would let a guy say something to her first or wait at least 3 months until they had sex. Now it's "let's go back to my place" after knowing him for three hours. If you are chasing a guy and giving it up that easily and you are asking God "where is my husband?"

I'll answer that question for you. You are doing everything wrong so your husband is elsewhere while you are out there fitting in with the crowd and doing things society's way instead of God's way. When you do things God's way your husband will approach you.

To all the ladies currently chasing after a guy that is putting you on the back burner let him go. Turn around and walk away.  You are wasting your time even if he is telling you how great you are and that you are everything he wants. Well if you are everything he really wants you wouldn't be single. I have learned that when guys say that they are thinking "if I make her my girl I won't be able to have sex with other women, I won't be able to go out with other women, I'm not ready to be with just one chick."

I may not know half of the women that's reading this but I'm sure you all deserve a real man and not a boy because only boys think that way. So turn around and run before you "fall in love"

That's all for this post beauties! I know there is more to come related to this topic hopefully it will come before school becomes to overwhelming. Remember ladies run! It's never to late to leave any type of situation.

Thank you for visiting beauties!

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