Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August favorites

Hey beauties! Can you believe it is September already? It is almost time to start pulling out the sweaters and boots and get the Christmas shopping started. Of course I have already started my Christmas.

Anywhooooo on to my monthly favorites.
I have found another beauty product and this works a lot better then the simple brand that I tried not long ago. After continuing using it twice a day I noticed that my face was drying out and my skin was peeling. Who wants to have a pretty face with peeling skin! There is a target across the street from the mall I work at
so I stood in the aisle for 20 minutes until I found the cheapest product that sound like it would work. 

I chose the target version of Olay and the lotion and my skin has stopped peeling! Yay! My skin is clearing up, It is looking great and feeling great. It has these beads in it so when I'm applying it to my face I feel like the beads is just removing oils, dead skins and just hydrating. If you have sensitive skin I do recommend this I have not had any burning my skin isn't any redder then what it usually is.

I purchased this Johnson and Johnson body wash for my Godson and I ended up trying it...... I have used a ton of soaps a ton of body washes but this one is second on my list (nothing beats the coconut organix body wash). I don't use the body wash often maybe three times a week but the way my skin feels you would think I was going to the spa on a regular and getting a paraffin treatment. Yes that is how soft your skin will feel when you use this body wash. You can find this in Walmart, Target Walgreens etc. for a cheaper price go to Walmart

Lavender oil 
Which is great when you can't go to sleep and it's good for your hair, it helps get rid of dandruff. It calms you, soothes you and helps you sleep better which is why I use it because I have insomnia really bad. I usually sniff the lavender around 9pm and by 11 I am sleeping peacefully. I am trying not to rely on lavender oil to help me sleep but I think that will be hard. During the winter time add a few drops to your lotion for extra moisture!

L'Oreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara
I am not sure if I have mentioned this mascara before or not even if I have it deserves to be in more then one post. It's 6.89 at Target and don't be afraid to use those coupons. For 6.89 this mascara does some $50 dollar work. It really extends the lashes and you will be walking around with butterfly wings on your eyes (well maybe I am exaggerating) but it is that amazing! And can you say clump free? This mascara  was sent from God for long lashes junkies. It doesn't do the job at giving your lashes great volume, which is fine, I will take long lashes over volume. This mascara has stolen my heart.

Sorry that I haven't posted in forever but school is my main priority and I am deciding if I am going to put blogging on the back burner for a while.
 Have a great day and thanks for visiting!

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