Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nars Crimson Red velvet matte lip pencil

Hey Beauties!
I recently got the Nars Crimson Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and I fell in love. There is nothing like a lipstick that applies on so smoothly and so beautiful. I have no cons for this expect the price because your girl is not for paying $26 for any beauty product. 

  • You know when your lips are dry and peeling and you put every kind of lip gloss, lipstick, lip cream on and your lips look awful! This is the ONE product I have that does not give me the awful look.
  • It last all day! The only time you will have to reapply is if you had greasy food that's it. It is hard for you to take off, please believe you will have stained lips the next day.
  • Great for giving a simple look elegance and class 
  • It makes your lips fuller! 

I did recently get a nyx soft matte lip cream that I am still testing it, I will say that it is not the same so don't buy it thinking you are getting Nars because you won't get the same results. 

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