Saturday, March 7, 2015

The good one

Hey beauties tonight I really feel it in my heart to write to you all about being the good girl/boy and how it is hard being one in this world. I'm not sure how many whores read my blog but if you get easily affended you might want to stop reading this because who knows what these fingers will type tonight.

To my good girls, women, boys and men, don't ever loose your good title/reputation. Don't change yourself to become accepted by society and to gain more followers. There is nothing wrong with working hard. There is nothing wrong with not sleeping with every person that puts a cute emoji under your picture or says that you look nice. If we all did that we all would have a STD(STI) 

I just wanted to tell you all you are beautiful or handsome. Continue to be a great person because good things come to good people. With patience God will give you something better then a couple of bodies, followers and a wardrobe to fit in. He will give you happiness and more. 

So don't feel left out don't give up don't feel bad for yourself just tell yourself my time is coming.

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