Thursday, April 16, 2015

A letter to our ex

I chose to call this post a letter to OUR ex because most of the things I'm going to say is what we ALL should really feel.

Don't spend your time mad at your ex because he or she cheated, lied, betrayed you, pushed you away etc etc. spend your time being grateful. Be glad that he or she is NOW your ex. Be glad you are no longer in the relationship alone. Be glad you aren't being lied to anymore. Be glad you don't have to wonder if he or she is cheating on you or not.

So to our ex. Thank you, thank you for Your lies which have caught up to you and the saying what is done in the dark comes to light well there is a bright light on you right now. Thank you for disrespecting me and our relationship when you did it. Because if you would have done it further down the road my heart wouldn't say thank you. My mind wouldn't be right because of the amount of alcohol I would have to erase the thoughts of you hurting me. Thank you for no longer loving me anymore. Even though it will take me a while to stop loving you.

Thank you for pushing me away you gave me a sign that the relationship was over. But I just knew our love would last forever because that's what you told me. Once again thanks for lying. But with your lies I can start over and try again. Try love again with a BETTER person that is. Because what we had is over. So when you start missing me just think was it worth it. To me it was because I'll be getting what I deserve and that's someone better. I'll be getting the love you decided to stop giving me from someone who knows how to appreciate me.

Don't be bitter guys be grateful. Love is a beautiful thing that people take for granted.

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