Saturday, April 4, 2015

Do you really want to be black or Hispanic?

Usually I don't care about the kardashins or their family or any reality stars but when Kylie basically said she wants to be black I just felt like I needed to add my two cents.

I have no problem being black I love it! It's what God wanted me to be a strong African American woman. When people ask me if I'm mixed I say no not because I am ashamed of my roots that's not the case at all. I love my Japanese roots, my great grandma was the most welcoming lady ever, every time I would visit she had the biggest smile with her arms open ready for a hug. So I'm not ashamed. I'm more ashamed that I fall in the category of a stuck up mixed chick because of my complexion. Yes I do look angry a lot but let me tell you I'm almost always bubbly just have a conversation with me before you judge me. But it's something about being an African American woman that makes me happy. I guess it's the strength that comes with being black.

But to ms. Jenner and other white women that want to be black or Hispanic may I please tell you why you don't want to be an ethnic woman? 

1. As an ethnic female you have two strikes against you, you are a female and your race. So you have to work EXTREMELY harder then others to get ahead in life. 
2. Do you want to be turn away from scholarships, jobs, certain social settings because of your skin?
3. Do you want people to talk to you like you are beneath them?
4. Do you want people to look at you like you are crazy when you speak of brand name things, (and pronounce them correctly) like people of other races don't know that red bottoms are really called Christian louboutin. Some of us do know.
5. Do you want to NOT get recognized for something but watch a white woman get praised for the exact thing you did?

I would be up all night trying to explain to you why you don't want to be ethnic, why ethnic people get upset when you say that you want to be ethnic even if you don't flat out say it. 

There is nothing wrong with being ethnic. Yes we do have to face racism. Yes it does hurt. Yes it does get frustrating. 
But there is nothing more beautiful then my black beauty. I go to sleep black I wake up black, so I'm always in a category. "Loud mouth stuck up chick that is looking for a handout." But really I'm just working hard to become a psychologist not for the government to help me. 
Be happy with who you are on the inside and out. You are beautiful no matter what your race or complexion is. 

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