Sunday, April 15, 2012

Casual and Classy in white

I got A LOT of complements on this outfit. I LOVE white I think it looks great on me and my shopping buddy her name is Breana too just spelled differently she's great but we went to the mall for my birthday and we were in forever21 and she knew I wanted some black heels and her good eyes spotted these they are half a size to small but THEY WERE SO CHEAP I couldn't say no sure my feet hurt sometimes but it's okay I think it's a casual classy look but anyways here it is
                                                              Blazer : Forever21 - 27.80
                                                            Shirt : Forever21 - I think 14.80
                                                          Jeans : Dots - They are really old but I think 19.80
                                                         Shoes : Forever21 - 27.80
                                                        Earrings : Forever21 - 3.80

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