Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mr. William Marshall: Makeup artist to the stars

I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with the William Marshall a makeup artist to the stars. Of course I was nervous at first but he just sound so happy so my nerves instantly left. I want to thank my Nana and her good friend Art for arranging this and of course Mr. William Marshall for doing this.

                William Marshall has had a career in make up for 18 years but began doing makeup 30 years ago. He went to an all boys school that was next to an art school, his friends at the art school would invite him to the fashion shows they would have and he would be backstage admiring the work of the makeup artists. His grandmother would give him money to buy makeup that’s when he discovered his gift. Marshall went to Robert Fiance cosmetology school in New York. Years later he started taking pictures of his work to P.R’s at record labels. Shortly after the New Jersey native got his big break from Leslie Pitts who worked at Island Records at the time.
Eighteen years later he has worked with Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Taraji P. Henson, Jon B and Monica just name a few of my favorites! His most recent work has been with the talented Tyrese for the TvOne holiday special.  Marshall has worked with Tyerse for years, doing his makeup for shows, events and magazine shoots. Though he has worked with many celebrities numerous times nothing tops the time he was able to do Lenny Kravitz makeup for a shoot in Times Square. Or when he was able to work Ruby Dee an actress, activist, journalist and the list goes on. Marshall said they were both so kind and welcoming.
                If you have never seen Marshall work or maybe didn’t know it was his work then he always goes for a neutral look. He never encourages a “bold look” with dramatic colors because it will come back to him the makeup artist, if critics bash the celebrity because of their makeup. He says, “People want to look pretty and not crazy”.  A few of his favorite products to use for African American women are Black Opal, Bobbi Brown and the Queen collection from covergirl. For Caucasian women he likes to use covergirl and NARS. Marshall suggest that if you have dry skin use a moisturizer for dry skin and a good primer to use is makeup forever HD, which is great for all skin types. His tip on highlighting is to use a concealer a shade or two lighter than your foundation never go 3 shades lighter or more that will create a ghostly effect.
His additional tips are:
Anyone that is interested in being a makeup artist should find a good class or cosmetology school.
Never go online shopping for any type of makeup products unless you are able to try it on in the store.
Cheaper can be better then expensive products it’s “trial and error”

Once again I have to thank Mr. William Marshall, my grandmother and her friend Art for this opportunity!

Click here for more information on Mr. William Marshall or to see some of his work 

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