Monday, June 2, 2014

Something better

I'm always saying if you broke up then its not meant to be. I have been reconsidering that. Have you ever beat yourself up over breaking up with someone? Sometimes something may end so you can learn lessons. If one relationship you had was fine but it just ended don't automatically assume it wasn't meant to be. That person could be the one.

You then move on and find someone else and that relationship was good but ended badly. Look at that as a lesson so when the old person comes back into your life or new person comes into your life you will be prepared and well aware of how to respond to certain situations. Your ex could be the one but God felt like you two weren't ready for each other at the moment. So that's why it ended. Think about it.

Have a great Monday beauties remember what happened last week let it stay there it's a new week a start and new opportunities! 

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