Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transformation Tuesday (in a process)

Hey beauties!

I have been wanting to get back to my old lifestyle eating only fruits and vegetables and doing intense workouts everyday because that's healthy correct?

Everyone has their own way of "being healthy" some people will eat cookies chips and nasty pork and go around claiming they are healthy. Mainly because what they eat is making them happy and they probably have no idea what that is actually doing to their body. But let them think that that is healthy. Healthy is being happy with who you are even if you eat all the wrong things and you are slowly killing yourself.

Ways that I'm trying to be "healthy" again and hopefully some of you all will consider these ideas as well.

Staying prayed up - as long as you have Jesus everything will be possible. If you want a new job better opportunities illnesses set free. You just need patience and prayer. Nothing will come when you want it but when the time is right.

Eating the right foods - this is a struggle because fried foods aren't always the best for the body but they are the best to your taste buds. I am slowly stepping away from fried foods. Of course I don't eat red meats or pork they give me horrible headaches that I don't have time to have. So basically all I eat is chicken sometimes turkey fruits and vegetables I'm a sucker for vegetables.

Getting enough rest- if we don't get enough rest how will we function correctly? Mmm not to well. Eventually we will get cranky, mess everything up and the list goes on and on. Lack of sleep can lead to heart disease,  strokes and many more health problems. With enough sleep you can make the right decisions and be able to pay attention longer.

Get rid of negative energy- if there is someone or something that is constantly getting on your nerves. Let it or them go. You can't be healthy with a side of stress and aggravation and a topping of negative energy, it just doesn't work that way. I'm not saying just give up on the person or thing,  before letting go talk about the issue or try to work it out if that doesn't help the next decision is yours.

Last but not least working out this part everyone dreads including myself I use to love working out I got use to waking up at 4 to do insanity and I felt great. To get back to that type of schedule and a intense workout like that I will have to take baby steps. The recommended amount of time we should get cardio in a day is 30 minutes. I recommend for starters a hour a week. Whether it's running denise Austin or Tae bo just take it easy.

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