Friday, June 6, 2014

what products dry my 4c hair type out

Hello my natural beauties! Have you ever wondered why your hair is so dry all the time? You have stopped using products that contain sulfate you use moisturizing sprays,  lotions and do hot oil treatments on a regular. It could be because you wash your hair too often. This is mainly for my African American beauties. Another thing is women stopped using grease once they went natural. I have heard that's a bad idea but I'm still not putting any grease in my hair.

I have started paying attention to what products dry my 4c hair out the most and that would  be

Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Conditioner (the worst) 
It's suppose to help with dandruff, Eczema and Psoriasis. The first two that were listed are the reasons why I purchased it. Not only was my hair supper dry the next day even though while I was washing it in the shower it felt so good (don't get fooled) my scalp wasn't healed and my head still looked like a white Christmas (yes that much dandruff)

The second product that dries my hair is the cantu line
I have used their leave in conditioner when I twist my hair I used a ample amount and tried using a lot and no matter what my hair was still dry. 
I also have the shampoo and conditioner that I haven't used in a while but I guess the reason why my hair was drying out was because the shampoo has sulfate in it. Read the ingredients before you purchase something. Don't buy it because it worked for aunt Sally that's a whole different hair type then you.

Products that have not dried my hair out so much is anything with argan oil.
It contains a high amount of vitamin E.
vitamin E is good for strengthening your hair and causes hair growth!
Argan oil is also good for making your hair softer, silker and shinier which is why I will only use argan conditioner on my hair I haven't shampoo in months. 

I highly recommend the organix argan oil line it's amazing it's affordable and it works magic.

I hope you learned less washing more argan oil

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