Monday, July 9, 2012

Before you wash hair conditioner

I have been transitioning to natural hair for some months now. I’m just waiting until after the pageant for the big chop! I’m all about home remedies and do it yourself (D-I-Y) type of things. Since I have been transitioning I have been trying at home hair products also known as home remedies for your hair. This one is the best of them all so far. I made up a little before you wash your hair conditioner all you need is

2 tablespoon of plain yogurt
2 Tablespoon of honey
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
1 Teaspoon of olive oil

You want to stir these ingredients until they are mixed well. Then place it on your dry hair all the way down to the roots. This is not only great for your hair but your skin as well. Your hands will feel soft and smooth after you’re done with this. If you are wondering what some of these products do for your hair? Honey attracts moisture because it holds on to water molecules and it gives your hair a little shine.  If your hair is thinning honey is beneficial for you as well. Yogurt helps because it makes your hair feel softer and if you’re in a relationship and your mate is running their hands through your hair I doubt they want to feel dry hair. Not only that it helps your HAIR GROW. I’m really excited about this I’m converting to natural hair and I have maybe 3 inches of new growth. I cut my hair a lot but I have never had a short fro before so yogurt and vitamin E will be my new best friend so my hair will grow! Olive oil is another product to strengthen your hair. It also helps your hair grow longer so I’m going to use this little mixture every week. Last but not least lemon juice. This just lightens your hair which is great for me because I refuse to dye my hair when it can get lighter on it’s on and the lemon juice really helps with that! When I first tried this I kept it on my hair for an hour and I combed it through a couple of times. I washed it out and please make sure you wash all of it out. I used head and shoulders then my mom twisted my hair using fantasia pure tea instant oil moisturizer hair lotion. Which I think is the best moisturizer I think I might try some more of there products.

But here are the exact products I used I forgot to take a picture of the mixture and I’m in Orlando right now so I’ll have to post a picture another time. I really hope you guys like this little mixture. Have a safe blessed fashionable day! 


  1. This is really great information! I've also decided to stop getting perms. But I'm going to keep my length:) Good luck with the 'Big Chop'. Be sure to show us pictures.

  2. Thanks I'm nervous about my fro lol and I love taking pictures so I'll have many pictures to post