Friday, July 20, 2012

How to stay hydrated during the summer

Hello beauties! I hope all is well in this heat! So earlier this week my boyfriend got sick and I panicked like any girlfriend would and should do. He went to urgent care and they told him he was dehydrated and I thought this heat is no joke, I should do a post on some foods that can help you stay hydrated. I hope you beauties are drinking plenty of water and wearing your sunblock! God Bless and have a fashionable and safe weekend

      Cucumbers because they contain A LOT of water in them with vitamin A and vitamin C. If you were in the sun to long and you got sunburn the peel can relieve sunburn. They have a lot of fiber in it! I love fiber. They can prevent kidney or bladder stones and lowers blood pressure.

   Watermelons just like cucumbers they contain a lot of water hello WATERmelon. I read that they are both 95% water.

 Those green smoothies. I’ve tried one and it was gross ; they have a lot of fiber which I love I am a big fan of fiber. It has plenty of nutrients. Don’t let my word discourage you from drinking this.

       Green Salads because a lot of lettuce has a lot of water and lettuce contains fiber and you should use a olive oil dressing they can be healthier than regular dressing.

.     Apples and applesauce. I just love Granny Smith Apples yumm. Apples help with lowering cholesterol preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer. Granny smith apples also have less sugar then the red apples. They have vitamin C which helps your immune system.

6     Red Bell Peppers which are packed with vitamins

7       Pineapples They are too sweet but it has something called bromelain which helps with digestion and they have proteins that can block blood clots and they help with blood circulation.

8       Skim Milk it keeps you hydrated more than Gatorade does. I was surprise when I read this Menshealth says that the fat in the milk can delay absorption and that chocolate milk helps too

9     Eggplants I hate eggplants the thought of them are making me sick right now

   Cantaloupe basically just like watermelon it has plenty of water


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