Sunday, July 8, 2012

One month :)

Isiah and I have been together for a month now our monthersary was on Wednesday July 4 I HAD THE BEST TIME! Every time I’m with him I have a good time but after you go 2 or 3 weeks without seeing that special person it’s like the best reunion ever. Some people can’t stand long distance relationships but we are growing together I fall in love with him more and more every week. But I still rather have him here with me. I wore a white tank with my favorite shorts which are beige and high waist both from forever21 with my colorful snake print sandals from Target for $17.80 music to my ears! Isiah wore a white polo and cargo’s we didn’t mean to match I went to the mall to get an outfit for this date because I wanted to look REALLY nice being I was meeting his grandma. I got a really cute 50’s 60’s dress from forever21 that’s peach and ivory with a bunch of prints then my mom told me not to wear it. I started off wearing a peach and gold bracelet and well I don’t remember what earrings I was wearing I just know my accessories are from forever21 of course. Well Isiah got me a necklace and matching earrings from his mom friend’s store. Which I think is really cute good job baby! We went to see that maeda movie and we walked around the mall went back to his house and his mom made the BEST enchiladas then we went to some park they were having some type of fair and fireworks. They had some rides I’m paranoid so I don’t trust fair rides Isiah was trying to get me ride them he was out of his mind. They had some stuff animal thing he picked up ducks and I chose whatever stuff animal I wanted. They a lot of vendors too and I got this overpriced ring that Isiah insisted on getting it for me and he didn’t realize that it was overpriced until after we got it. The highlight of this date was watching the fireworks together. As he was holding me while we were watching the fireworks I thought about everything. From the night we first met to him asking me out. Words can’t explain how happy I was I hope we have more dates like that. If you really love someone you will do what you have to, to make it work. Thank God we did. Never lose faith in each other and God. Don’t give up on each other without working it out

We took pictures but they didn't turn out so well I'll try and play with them work some magic and maybe post them :)

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