Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some of my favorite Fashionistas

I have many styles that I love grown and sexy like the Kardashians sister plus an Odom. I love my prints and bold colors like Solange who has great hairstyles too! A taste of bohemian like Nicole Richie. If you know me then you know my closet is filled with skirts nice shirts and heels from Aldo, Steve Madden and Nine west just to name a few stores that always has my size which is a 10. I hate jeans I have over 20 pairs of them and please believe I'm about to sale at least half of them. Overall Solange is my favorite she is NOT scared to be different from her hair or her style. Her natural hair goes great with the BOLD prints and BOLD colors she loves to wear. Have a great day beauties!


Kardashian sisters and a Odom :)

                                                                       Nicole Richie


  1. I love Nicole Richie! And Solange is gorgeous! *

  2. I can't understand your blog so I'm not sure what I'm suppose to click to go to the next page but from the first page I can tell your style is just as unique as Solange's not everybody can pull off neon pink leggings