Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Natural Hair Product Part One

Before I get into what hair products I use I guess I can share my “natural story” January 2012 I decided to go natural because my mom has Lupus and her Lupus caused her hair to then out and my mom had thick dark hair like Kimora Lee Simmons and my mom loved her hair just as much as I love mine so just imagine how she feels. So once I get my 10 inches that’s required I will be doing the big chop again I may let my hair get to 14 inches so I won’t have a TWA.

I am going to start with shampoos and conditioners this is the shorter and to me less important part of the post I know that may seem weird.

It is extremely hard for me to find a product that satisfies me I am a 4C to and I have REALLY dry hair but my favorite conditioner which I have not used in forever, is my dollar general version of tresemme I have done a post about this conditioner and being I haven’t used it in forever I am not going into details but for it to be a knock off brand it works magic and leaves your hair soft and easy to detangle. 

Being I am all about balling on a budget and I love shea butter I thought I would try some cantu products the first product I tried is the leave in conditioning repair cream, I haven’t used this product lately because for a while I wanted to see how my twist out would look without using any type of cream or anything really.  Anyways this product wasn’t really a winner for me because I was expecting it to moisturize my hair, my hair was still dry. I love love love the moisturizing rinse out conditioner I would recommend this for people with 4A, 4B and 4C texture. I noticed that when I use the shampoo my hair gets dryer quicker so that’s something I DO NOT RECCOMMENED but still try it, it could work for you.

To my favorite brand organix I have recently tried the argan oil and shea butter, it says smooth hydration for a reason. At one point I would co wash with this and no other conditioner but I ran out so I had no choice but to use my other conditioners. The smell is heavenly it smells like cocoa butter and leaves your hair soft that’s what shea butter is for! I noticed my hair has really grown since I started using. I recommend using the shampoo 2 times a month and don’t use an ample amount don’t cheat your hair ladies. I use a palm full for one half of my hair then I get another palm full and just go over my hair (this also depends on how much hair you have). If you have a TWA please just use a handful. I recommend the same method when you condition and or co wash. I would recommend this for all of my 3 and 4 texture hair naturalistas
Since I have been natural I have been using the Moroccan argan oil and the smell isn’t as nice as the coconut or argan oil and shea butter.

For Christmas I got some new hair products which of course I can’t right a review on it but I will do a separate post for that maybe for my next beauty product and haul post.

 I want to talk about my new favorite that I hated at first because it made my hair dry but I decided to give it another chance. The reason why my Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie made my hair dry was because I wasn’t using enough when I twisted my hair. Now that I use a palm full for one section of my hair (I like to section my hair evenly in “4 squares” then I will comb this through my hair). When I take my twist out the curls look better and instead of my hair being dry the next day it usually takes three days until my hair is dry. The smell is amazing though it does weigh my hair down it works realllllyyyy well and I do recommend this to 3c and all of the 4’s. You can purchase this at my favorite store Target. I can’t wait to try their other products.

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