Tuesday, January 14, 2014

natural hair products part two

Now to my oils I say that oils are more important because as a naturalist you have to keep your hair hydrated, moisturizing your hair is the key to maintaining healthy natural hair. Oils not only keep your hair moisturized and soft but they help your hair grow and some oils can even cause your hair to get thicker (something that has happened since I have gone natural).

My favorite oil is featured in the top 10 products under $10 the argan oil morocco penetrating oil since I have talked about this in a previous post I won’t go into many details about it I will just say that I recently co washed with the conditioner and used my shea moisturizer to twist my hair. I applied this oil on my hair after I rinsed my hair out and after I was done twisting my hair. At first I thought I may be using too much of this on my hair, but when I woke up the next morning I thought otherwise I used enough. Majority of natural hair products say use an ample amount, I’m assuming that may be for people with hair that isn’t thick. If you have thick hair pleaseeeeeee I can’t stress this enough ample amount is not enough. And this product is also good for detangling.

My second, third and fourth favorite oils are olive oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil but I will be talking about those three in a another post because they are that serious they need to be in a separate post. Be on the lookout for the skin and hair renewal post.

Avocado oil stimulates your hair can you say woo hoo to growing hair. It has vitamins A, B, D, E, protein. Amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium and heals your dry itchy scalp, which is why I will continue to use anything with avocado in my hair. If you all don’t know I use to suffer from BAD and I mean BAD dandruff some flakes would be the size of my fingernails so Avocado oil is really recommend for people with dandruff issues like me. Let’s just say my dandruff dilemma is nowhere near as horrible as it use to be.

Carrot Oil is good for hair growth it’s suppose to make your hair shine I haven’t experienced that I can’t really go on about this oil. It's one of those oils that aren't as important as the others. 

Lavender oil is new to my oil family, its purpose is to moisturize your scalp, prevent your hair from shedding which I have been experiencing so I will be using this in my conditioners or maybe make a leave in conditioner using just lavender oil. It also gets rid of dandruff another thing I need to look for because my dandruff is slowly trying to make a comeback.

Jojoba oil is good for damaged hair being my hair isn't damaged anymore I can’t say how true that is. The oil can also moisturize your hair, it’s good to use after you have just washed your hair so it can lock in the moisture. 

I hope these two post really help you ladies with keeping your hair healthy, soft, moisturized, growing and beautiful! Have a great day beauties. 

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